Videos of the Cemetery Project

Videos of the Cemetery Project


These four videos describe different aspects of the Cemetery Project. The Denman Island Memorial Society (DIMS) is grateful to Denman Island resident Michael Rapati, who donated his time making all of the videos.

The first features the two Community Studio members who led the consultative process to create the cemetery design. Landscape architects by training, they prepared the final drawings, which combined ideas contributed by island residents with the technical requirements of a cemetery. The setting is Fillongley Beach on Denman Island.

The second video is set in Central Park, and explains the land preservation ethic behind the conservation covenant. Held by the Denman Conservancy Association (DCA), this covenant is the first of its kind in Canada. Past DCA Chair John Millen was a member of the group that drafted the covenant.

The third video is set in an island home and at the Cemetery. It features the coordinator of the Cemetery Project, who outlines the challenges met in creating a community cemetery. In many instances it was community volunteers who stepped in to fill the gap, allowing the project to reach fruition.

The final video, set at the Cemetery, provides a summary of the Project. It gives particular emphasis to the principles of green burial and the fact that, in time, the land will revert to a natural forest typical of the Coastal Douglas-fir Moist Maritime Biogeoclimatic Zone.