About Us

We are a small group of volunteers who comprise the Board of Directors of the Denman Island Memorial Society (DIMS). The initial group, formed in 2009, combined a variety of skills and experience, including the practice of law and of medicine and familiarity with local government and environmental health issues. None of us, however, knew much about cemeteries. Essentially, we recognized a need and set out to address it. And, over time, we learned what we needed to know about cemetery design, community consultation, fundraising, conservation covenants, government regulations about interment, and much more.

The Board of Directors has changed since the early days, and the focus has moved from development to operation. Today, new directors face a challenging few months learning the rules and procedures set out in the documents governing what we do. Nevertheless, the group remains committed to providing this special form of after-death care to members of this community and their families.