The Scattering Area

A Secluded Sanctuary


In response to comments made during the early consultation with the community, the Cemetery includes an area for the scattering of cremated remains. Located in the southeast part of the Cemetery, the Scattering Area is a cool, shaded place, well suited to this purpose. A walking path weaves through the trees, and over time, several benches will be provided for people to sit for a while. The Scattering Area represents a little more than one quarter of the Cemetery property.

In this setting, ‘scattering cremated remains’ involves gently distributing the ashes over a small area of ground that is under the tree canopy and away from the walking paths. The ashes are then covered with dry leaves and other organic debris typical of the forest floor. The Scattering Area contains no markers. However, the deceased person may be memorialized with a small plaque affixed to one of the memorial walls in the Gathering Space.



By spreading ashes in the Scattering Area, rather than on private land, family and friends can return to this place over time as a form of remembrance. The area is also suitable for visitors who simply want to enjoy the secluded nature of the paths in this part of the Cemetery.

The practice of scattering cremated remains in this area may change over time. The activity is subject to the terms of the Conservation Covenant, which state that it will be discontinued if the volume of ashes starts to impair the conservation values of the land. Also, the popularity of cremation is expected to decline in the next decade due to the concerns about associated greenhouse gases. As a result, the practice may well fall off spontaneously.