Covering the Costs and No More


The Denman Island Memorial Society is a non-profit society formed for the purpose of developing and operating a natural burial ground. The fees charged for the purchase of burial rights are intended to cover the costs of protecting the safety and sanctity of the space, promoting restoration of the ecology of the land, and managing the administrative side of operating the Cemetery.

As required by the B.C. Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act and Regulations, 25% of the fee for a burial right must be set aside in perpetuity in a Care Fund Trust. This amount is deposited into the DIMS Care Fund Trust Account when the burial right is exercised (i.e., at the time of the burial). As stipulated in the Regulations, the interest from this account may be used over time for the maintenance of the Cemetery property, but the principal sum of the fund must be maintained in trust in perpetuity.

Burial rights may be purchased on an ‘at-need’ or ‘pre-need’ basis. Money realized through the sale of burial rights purchased on a pre-need basis is held in a separate trust account until the time that the right is exercised.


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The Schedule of Fees for the Denman Island Natural Burial Cemetery details a number of costs. As well as the fee for a burial right, costs may include an administrative fee, the fee for opening and closing a grave, and the fee for a memorial plaque. There is also a fee for scattering cremated remains.

The Schedule of Fees is reviewed annually by the DIMS Board of Directors and is subject to change at any time, as decided by the Board. Anyone wishing more information should contact us.