"Caring for the Community and the Environment"

Our cemetery is the first contemporary cemetery in Canada that is exclusively green.

Who We Are

The Denman Island Memorial Society was formed in 2009 to create and operate a natural burial cemetery on Denman Island, British Columbia, Canada. For the following six years, the Board of Directors worked with the community to create the Denman Island Natural Burial Cemetery.

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Natural Burial

Natural burial is the return of a body to the earth as simply as possible. Sometimes called ‘ecological burial’ or ‘green burial,’ it combines eco-friendly interment with land conservation.

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Cemetery Services

We provide services related to the burial of human and cremated remains and the scattering of cremated remains, while following the principles of natural burial.

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Realizing The Dream

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In the Beginning

In the beginning, the land was recovering from clearcutting in 2000.

Community Consultation

Heidi presents the results of break-out groups at the first design workshop.

Clearing the Land

Doreen and Peter rake the ground following removal of the trees in summer, 2013.

Preserving Ancient Stumps

The ancient stumps among the graves are from trees cut before 1996.

Information Kiosk

An information kiosk at the entrance welcomes visitors and explains green burial.

Building the Main Gate

The main gate was designed by Etienne de Villiers and built by David Scruton and John...

Entering from Denman Road

The gate serves as a covered place for people to gather before a burial.

Foundation for the Walls

Designed by Etienne de Villiers, the memorial walls extend far into the ground.

Pouring the Concrete

It was a big day, when the truck arrived from Courtenay to pour the concrete.

Finished Memorial Walls

The Gathering Place is a pleasant spot to sit and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Making Paths by the Walls

Dave scoops up the gravel and fills Dennis’s wheelbarrow.

Smoothing the Paths

Angela, Keith, Graham and Stirling smooth the ground outside the walls.

North Gate

The north gate mimics the gate at the main entrance and leads into Alder Trail.

Locating the Plantings

Volunteers debate where to place the sword ferns and Oregon grape.

Preparing the Scattering Area

Lori and John remove shrubbery along paths in the Scattering Area.

Pulling Thistles

Gloria was one of the team of volunteers who battled the thistles.

Positioning the Big Rock

Lori and John Dillon guide John Mather as he positions the big rock.

Trying out a Plaque

Gloria and Lori use duct tape to try out the sample bronze plaque.

The Cemetery Opening

Jennifer entertains the audience at the celebration on Oct 11, 2015.

Cutting the Ribbon

Doreen cuts the ribbon, officially opening the new green cemetery.

Video about the Cemetery Project

Stephanie explains green burial, shortly before the Cemetery opening.