Advice for Other Communities

Starting a Natural Burial Ground


Interest in natural burial is growing. As concern about global warming increases, more and more people are looking for ways to reduce fossil fuel consumption and curtail environmental degradation. It is not surprising therefore that many communities across Canada are interested in natural burial. Nevertheless, for a group of volunteers in a small community, creating a green cemetery can be a daunting task, and government support is minimal, if available at all.

The Internet offers a variety of information about natural burial. In particular, the Green Burial Council, the Green Burial Society of Canada and the Natural Burial Association provide helpful background and advice.

The Board of the Denman Island Memorial Society (DIMS) is eager to help small communities wanting to create their own natural burial ground. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. DIMS directors would be happy to meet with anyone wanting to visit Denman Island to discuss the Cemetery Project and view the results. As well, one or two directors might be able to travel to a community where the residents want to hear more about the Denman Island Cemetery Project.